Karl Berger Improvisers Orchestra

El Taller at El Barrio’s Artspace - P.S. 109 - 215 East 99th Street - Manhattan
Saturday - October 22, 2016 | 7:00pm and 8:30pm

In recent years, Karl Berger has brought his concept of “music mind” to conduct and perform with a large group of musicians.  The Improvisers Orchestra and it’s predecessor “Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra”, have provided many musicians like myself the opportunity to experience the phenomenon of his approach.

In this group it is most important to play exactly what you feel in any given moment, which may be to play “the silence”.  To play like this, in a meaningful way, in such a large diverse group, requires each of us to be totally focused, coupled with a willingness to let go, so that each note being played, blends with the others to produce one sound.  Even your solo is not “a solo”, just one piece of the whole.  To say it is one thing, to let it happen, quite another.  This is indeed a great gift from a master artist.

Every musician in this setting creates a sound like nobody else, and when all our combined or are selected to form small sections or duets, the resulting music is in the moment, and is only happening this one time.  Magic for the ears to hear, the heart to feel.