Karl Berger Improvisers Orchestra

El Taller at El Barrio’s Artspace P.S. 109 - 215 East 99th Street - Manhattan (212) 665-9460
Saturday - November 19, 2016 | 7:00pm & 8:30pm

Karl Berger’s Improvisers Orchestra is a 25+ playersʼ ensemble of extraordinary professional improvisers.

Conducted in Karlʼs inimitable style, developed at the legendary Creative Music Studio, this orchestra explores original themes, melodies from the worldʼs folk traditions, compositions by Don Cherry or Ornette Coleman, as well as musical ideas that arise spontaneously in solo/duo/trio contributions by the players. Karl introduces a new approach and experience of blending and harmonizing improvised sound.

Performers include: Strings: Sana Nagano, Chern Hwei Fung, Richard Carr, Annemarie Wiesner; clarinets: Blaise Siwula, Don Payne, Jason Candler; bass clarinets: Michael Lytle, Christof Knoche, Josh Sinton; soprano sax: Lee Odom; alto sax: Welf Doerr, Patrick Brennan,tenor sax: Ras Moshe; cbass clar: Bohdan Hilash; bar.sax/picc. flute: Bill Ylitalo; oboe: Richard Keene; trumpet: Nadje Noordhuis; trombone:Westbrook Johnson; flutes: Sylvain Leroux, Haruna Fukazawa, Gene Coleman; bass: Adam Lane, Nicolas Letman; drums: Aaron Latos;guitar: Anders Nilsson, Mike Gassmann, Ted OrrSam Harmet; Mandolin: John Ehlis; keyboards: Bob Bresnan; Vocals/Poetry: Ingrid Sertso.