John Ehlis

In This Lifetime  (2015)

1    Miniature No. 9
2    Ornette
3    Point In
4    Unity Works
5    Water Hawk
6    Season of the Clay Rustlers
7    When We Come Back
8    Shine
9    Lotus Days
10  Soundbox
11  Dream of the Canary
12  East of the Viewing Fields
13  Land Carvings

John Ehlis     acoustic guitar, mandolin & bamboo flute
Sylvain Leroux     flute, tambin & chromatic tambin
Sana Nagano    violin & voice
Eloisa Manera     violin
Amalia Lopez Chueca      cello
Mikko Innanen     alto & baritone saxophones
Yasuno Katsuki     euphonium
Karl Berger     piano & vibraphone
Max Johnson     bass
Kresten Osgood     drums
Chris White III     drums & percussion
Glen Fittin     percussion



JEE "Along the Way" cover

John Ehlis Ensemble

Along the Way  (2012)

1    Mayan Canoe
2    Turning East
3    Five Moving Up
4    Shadow Chasing
5    Multicolored Bridge
6    Mbira Chant
7    Flying Hills
8    DC
9    Dixon Line
10  New Ballad
11  African Trains
12  Krysta

John Ehlis     acoustic guitar
Mazz Swift     violin
Rob Henke     trumpet
Erik Lawrence     alto & soprano saxophones
John Tchicai      tenor saxophone
Matt McDonald     electric guitar
David Phillips     acoustic bass
Benny Koonyevksy     drums
Hector Morales     drums & percussion
Glen Fittin     percussion
Chris White III     percussion



JEE-sancarlos-300x300John Ehlis Ensemble

San Carlos  (2002)

1    Sana, Sana
2    Cosmic Soup
3    Escuintla
4    Flap Jacket
5    D.C.
6    Sana Mañana
7    Sana de la Noche
8    Path of Hope
9    Thumbalina
10  The Whistler

John Ehlis     acoustic & electric guitars, mbira, ocarina & percussion
Denise Fraga     voice
Jon Birdsong     cornet, alto horn, bamboo flute & percussion
John Tchicai     tenor saxophone, bass ocarina & voice
David Lofton     electric guitar & guitar synthesizer
Chuck Ehlis     electric bass, slide guitar & thwackoleum,
Dave Mihaly      drums, percussion & clay flute
Horacio Altan     percussion, ocarina & voice
Ray McNamara      percussion



CDcoverJohn Ehlis Ensemble   (1996)

1    Scene One
2    Hand Signals
3    Miss Dolores
4    Bird Boy
5    Malinyea
6    Yes, I Know
7    Day into Night
8    Anfora
9    Meeting on the Dot

John Ehlis     electric guitar
Markus Hawkins    violin & voice
John Tchicai    tenor & soprano saxophones
Mark Wyman        piano
David Lofton    electric guitar
Derek Jones    bass
Jeremy Brooks    drums
Aaron Johnston    percussion


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