John Ehlis & Glen Fittin

We began our collaboration in 2003 and have worked together as a duo and in multiple settings, including performances as a trio with saxophonists John Tchicai, Joseph Jarman, Oliver Lake and Erik Lawrence.

Combining a variety of instruments, sounds and rhythms, the Ehlis/Fittin Duo performs a captivating stream of original music, traditional melodies from several cultures and dynamic rhythms from around the world.

During performances, their spontaneity and willingness to take chances gives           a sense that something new and fascinating will be discovered.  As a duo, their communication and interplay is very clear and immediate.

In addition Ehlis has performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in a duet performance with the Danish drummer Kresten Osgood and in a Trio at Vision Festival XV in New York with saxophonist Joseph Jarman, (Art Ensemble of Chicago), and drummer Rob Garcia.

IMG_4826 hand:drum web

Glen Fittin has focused on world percussion sounds for the last 25 years.  Specializing in frame drums, he has presented percussion workshops at national and international festivals demonstrating a variety of techniques and traditions.

Fittin has performed and recorded with Glen Velez, Bernie Worrell, Montego Joe, Paul Winter, Annea Lockwood, Dez Cadena, Richard Barone, Tony Visconti, Valerie Naranjo, Women of the Calabash, The Rhythm Monsters, Marafanyi, Mbiradinda, Carl Landa, Shamou, Peter Jones, Jesse Manno and Tigger Benford among others.


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