The Quartet

John Ehlis Quartet


Eloisa Manera (violin)

Amalia Lopez Chueca (cello)

John Ehlis (guitar/mandolin)

Chris White III (percussion)




These curious artists possess a natural ease of playing together.  Travelling in the fields of originality, they form a group which makes a remarkable impression.

Joined together by wide range of interests, these kindred spirits create a fresh sound without mimicking styles. This group is electrifying, the instrumentation is unique, rich and full, and the music ranges from simple melodies to the less charted sonic areas of the instruments.

Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra in the summer of 2011 provided a meeting ground for many musicians, including Manera, Chueca and Ehlis.  This Quartet grew out of the music sessions/concerts held at the Stone and elsewhere that summer and during the summer of 2012.  In July 2013, the quartet spent a week together for an intensive artist residency program at Valdapozzo in the Piedmont region of Italy where they further developed their unique and dynamic sound.

Based in Milan, Italy, violinist Eloisa Manera, appears in a wide array of musical environments.  Of Italian and Spanish heritage, she is ever expanding her talents to gain command of a variety of styles, cultures and disciplines, both in traditional and modern formats.  This blossoming of her creative spirit has occurred in recent years and is a direct result of her pursuit and discoveries in improvisation, primarily within the jazz idiom.

Cellist Amalia Chueca, from Granada, Spain, has played with several classical orchestras and quartets throughout Spain and Europe.  Equally versed in both classical and improvised music, she has performed across Europe in numerous settings.  She is a member of saxophonist Paul Stockers’ “Dubidubi Band” and the jazz trio, “Sense of Values” along with pianist José Ignacio Hernández and bassist Miguel Ángel Pimentel.  Her style is defined by the merging of Flamenco, Latin and Jazz traditions.

John Ehlis is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and leader of the John Ehlis Ensemble.  Originally from California, but currently on the East Coast, he brings a depth of spirit to his musical endeavors with original compositions that are both appealing and inventive.

From the greater New York City region, Chris White III is a percussionist, dancer, teacher, artist, and modern dance musician, who has performed with Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest), Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def, tap dancer Maurice Chestnut, drummer Rudy Walker and his father, bassist Chris White.  He appears on Tasneem Nanji’s “Jungli” EP recording, “The War In Me”.

Our summer tour in Spain united Eloisa Manera (violin), Amalia Lopez Chueca (cello), John Ehlis (guitar), Julio Perez (drums) with special guest Jose Ignacio Hernandez (piano).

“American guitarist John Ehlis has begun his Spanish tour in Granada with Italian violinist Eloisa Manera and three-quarters of the Granadine groupSense of Valuesto form a quintet without bass.

This final concert of the season at Magic’s Jazz Nights was a series of sensations orchestrated by the strings and rendered in a rush of themes that ranged from the most lovely poetic moments to acrobatic exercises with an absolute freedom of spirit.” Juan Jesús Garcia – Granada, July 2015

New York performances in 2014/15 showcased the talents of Sana Nagano (violin), Yasuno Katsuki (euphonium), John Ehlis (guitar) and Glen Fittin (percussion).

Our summer 2015 tour in Spain featured Eloisa Manera (violin), Amalia Lopez Chueca (cello), John Ehlis (guitar) and Julio Perez (drums) with special guest Jose Ignacio Hernandez (piano).



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