John Ehlis Trio

This group of musicians is exceptional, but it is not your typical trio.

This trio is not defined by a set instrumentation, yet the results are completely satisfying.  The essence of its success arises from the artistry each musician contributes towards revealing the true spirit of the music.  This concept creates a fresh and inviting sound every time and offers a delightful twist from the norm.

This music is eclectic, original and multi-dimensional.



The trio itself may feature a saxophonist, trumpet player, violinist or cellist as the primary melodic instrument.  Complimented by the guitar and percussion, the concepts of melody, harmony and rhythm are skillfully realized in the hands of each artist.

With an already wide range of colors and sounds, the sonic possibilities of the trio are further expanded by the multi-instrumental expertise of each player.

In this environment Ehlis stretches out, adding mandolin, bamboo flutes and a variety of small percussion instruments to the soundscape. The repertoire of music covers a spectrum of original compositions, traditional music, improvisations, often including music by artists such as Don Cherry or Hermeto Pascoal.

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