Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and band leader.


The fundamental nature of these programs is to engage the students and participants in the creative process.

As creative musicians, we never cease to learn and to grow.  It is a journey which involves curiosity, determination and discipline.

In these workshops the students discover new ideas for developing their own voice and improving their skills.  By nurturing their own creative concepts they can only become better at what they do and gain a deeper appreciation for the arts and longer lasting satisfaction from their efforts.

Whether in solo presentation or with fellow artists such as Glen Fittin, John Tchicai or Karl Berger, I strive for the moments when a particular student or a group of students express with their own voice what they truly feel.

These programs may serve as an introduction to less experienced students, thus becoming an effective launching point for their ideas.  More accomplished music students have an opportunity to combine their comprehension of new musical ideas with their skills of expression.

In the assembly programs students experience the adventure of improvised music and discover how melody, harmony and rhythm may be used to develop musical ideas.  More in depth and hands on exploration occurs during the workshop sessions.

Inspiration is a compelling force for creative action.  By embracing our own experiences we can share our own story through whatever medium we choose, whether it be in music, poetry or any of the arts.

It is simply a matter of keeping an open mind and following an idea.